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The Need To Weep
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The Need To Weep

Have you felt the need
to weep, my angel?
To lay your head upon your lap?
To let loose the beaded water?
To taste the bitter saltiness
of unbearable pain?
You cry out. But no one comes.
Why does no one come to help,
to aid you in this time of need?
What more do they want,
those soulless eyes of theirs?
What more can you do?
Nothing... there is nothing to
do but weep, for you are alone.
Alone to bear the grunt of this
pain in your heart and mind.
Soon, it will all be over, and the
need to cry will vanish.
So, cry, my angel... for soon...
you will have no need to do so.

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Comments (2)

True, beautiful but technically impossible to comfortably lay your head in your OWN lap. Suggest you change that to 'my lap' (?) This is the sad season, so I am sending you a cyberhug from our tropical island in the Southern Hemisphere, it can last as long as you wish and it ALWAYS helps. H
beautiful poem, but very sad..................