(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

The Need You Have To Charade

Ever since I've known you,
You've done your best not to admit...
Insecurities you have.
And those habits that exist.
Done as if...
I am not aware.
Or conscious when you declare...
You have other things on your mind.

And when you find the time,
You will work on those things
Needing your attention to mend.
And this you admit!

Since this and other things are accepted,
By your friends...
Why do I seem the only one,
Offended by them?

Maybe there is a reality...
I suspect you have!
But have not seen begin.

Perhaps I am the only one,
Who tires from hearing your creative excuses.
Freshly made to hide behind your masquerades.

And they have long been outdated.
Just like the fake loyalty of your so called friends.

Although I do understand the need you have to charade.
It is your addiction to self abuse,
I do not find amusing.

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Well written Lawrence...sounds like a troubled soul....thank you for sharing it...