The Needs Of A Glorious World Life!

Sans unity among all, how can peace and love be possible in society?
Individuals unless have cohesive transactions, unity is impossible;
For changing society for the better, attitude of individuals first
Needs change as they are the backbone of humanity in the world ever!

System of education, administration, judiciary and politics in the
Democracy of a nation or world should have clear motivation based
On the ideas of peace loving intellectuals of the past, present and
Forever due to their words of wisdom that always aim for unity ever!

Unity among nations, individuals and people needs to be established
At any cost eschewing wars emphasizing dialogues and peace talks by
Bringing together warring States and people by the world organization
That has been established for this purpose after World Wars of past!

Social clubs, forums of all kinds like art, literature, poetry and
culture by spreading thoughts on unity for the formation of One World,
The idea of One World Family can be made successful by acts of love
To bring about eternal world peace for all to live a glorious life..!

by Ramesh T A

Comments (2)

Your poems are awesome! And yes we are good friends!
Dear Ramesh, You are a dreamer as well as an excellent poet. Your vision of world peace does really appeal to me.