(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

The Needs Of Future Societies

Braggarts, domestic abusers and sex.
Conflict starters, rumor mongers and thieves.
Liars, racism and delusion.
Cowards, spineless creatures and night crawlers.
Leechers, selfishness and greed manipulators.
Denying deceivers and dessert makers.
Cheaters, disease spreaders and false preachers.
Evilness and dressed to impress demons.
The last category,
Quoted scriptures, mask wearers and faith.

Now, class...
Look over this list very carefully.
Since we have been directed,
By those elected to the school board committee...
That it is imperative we must immediately update,
All curriculums offered throughout our school system.
For the purpose to ensure all students are prepared,
And qualified to become tomorrow's leaders.

We are requesting from you,
To select from those choices that are listed...
A picking of a few of them that best represents,
Either your heros and/or your career of interest.
And please,
Choose carefully since your selections will determine...
Which new and proposed charter schools,
Will be created to focus specifically...
On your interests and the needs of future societies,
Competing for the best minds around the world.

Nothing electronic or the advancement of technology,
Is among the choices from which we are to pick.'

It has been determined if the best minds are produced,
The programming of all future electronic devices...
Will be easier to reflect the needs and reality of the people.
And to do that...
There is no better way to approach this,
Than to include recommendations and suggestions...
From 'you', our children, to keep what 'you' value,
As a kept investment to ensure progress is being made.
And that all elusive peace will one day eventually be achieved.

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