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The Neighbour's Peacock

In neighbour's yard enclosed by concrete wall
All through the day his male blue peacock call
Unpleasant to the ear his harsh wild cry
And I wish to other place the bird would fly.

Perhaps the bird of his beauty feels proud
And that's one reason why he calls aloud
But his high pitched voice unpleasant to the ear
And other birds I'd much prefer to hear.

The peacock's train fanned out in great display
A thing of natural beauty people say
And for peacock attractive is the word
But his voice doesn't match the beauty of the bird.

I hear him call each morning at daybreak
The bird whose voice one never could mistake
The loudest call of any bird I know
And as he age the louder his voice grow.

Before the sun has lit the morning skies
He wakes the neighbours with his harsh wild cries
And his voice can carry half a mile or more
And I wish he'd fly elsewhere the bird next door.

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