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The Neighbour's Rooster

In the neighbour's fowl shed in his backyard in the darkness his rooster does crow
In the very small hours of the morning one might say his cockhood on show
For hours on end he keeps on crowing with him I find it so hard to sleep
But just to stay friends with my neighbour my silence on the matter I keep
He is one who seldom stops crowing I hear him by night and by day
His hoarse calls I find quite annoying I would give a silent hooray
If a hungry fox managed to grab him and for to eat took him away
The fox could enjoy his plump rooster and in so doing a favour to me he would pay,
I feel he does crow whilst he is sleeping his hoarse voice echoes in the night
I wish that he would keep his beak closed and allow me some peace and quiet
Domestic fowl supposed to be diurnal but not the red rooster who lives nearby
He crows all day from dawn till twilight and he crows under the night sky
I long for nights that are quite windy for I never hear him when the wind blows
He must be the voice of my karma but then such is life I suppose.

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