My Love.....Still Am Confused.....

When I was a child……..
There was a dream girl in my mind
Who is so simple, lovely and sober

Having all lovely nature

At first I hate to love
Because I always think that there is no true in love
But the wonderful day of my life came
It was 19th july2008 when I met an angel
I just want some friends in net to stay away from my loneliness
But I got everything from you my sweet angel

That's why don't need of any friends……

You are my soul….
You are my destiny
You are the most wonderful girl in my life
I just pray to god as come soon and change my life

You cant believe how badly I lived in these days
As you either msg anything or nothing you says

Please my sweetheart don't do this to me
As my heart is not with me me
My heart is near you playing with your lovely heart
Then how can I live without my heart

Hey dear I never say that, you say that
You LOVE ME………
Just wanna hear that you are with me
With all your love and caring for me

You know dear the main reason why I am poor
Because I expect more…..(ha ha ha ha)
Love doesn't means that
It will be success after being gfs or bfs
It's the feelings of two hearts
Two souls towards the destiny

by jatin rout

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Comments (4)

Man's worst enemy is man himself As the stands of time continue to fall - will civilization perish or stand tall? Nice lines, and a nice poem.
like watching a news prog on prime time world news .... one feels the desperation and the anguish.... nice lines...... hope u are flushing NY of all this cheers
both of your poems are great...thought provoking.
This poem stands out with it's vivid description but it lacks soul and the authors feeling.