Sonnet 44, Feelings

Feelings are painless or pain such is music,
Life eternally on of joy and sorrow;
Each of its own half of what we do sic,
Not of the same way as that of tomorrow.
Well tuned into souls and circumstance ear,
In love receives pleasure or to annoy;
Which is not the same as both in it then hear,
Such are the tunes which feelings do decoy.
But affection therein is felling though to all,
Explore these tunes evoked with each pleasure;
And singing different in each of season's call,
Accord is full of excite and treasure.
The songs being many of purport and scope,
While some are of love, others are of hope.

by Peter S. Quinn

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Comments (4)

Man's worst enemy is man himself As the stands of time continue to fall - will civilization perish or stand tall? Nice lines, and a nice poem.
like watching a news prog on prime time world news .... one feels the desperation and the anguish.... nice lines...... hope u are flushing NY of all this cheers
both of your poems are great...thought provoking.
This poem stands out with it's vivid description but it lacks soul and the authors feeling.