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The Neo Conservatives

The neo conservatives lack in the inner glow
They lack in empathy and compassion does not show
For the poor of the World who are doing it tough
The hungry and homeless and those sleeping rough

The neo conservatives not rare Worldwide
They help for to uphold the social divide
They vote for neo conservative politicians for those of the far right
Those who never feel any empathy for those sleeping rough at night

For a better World for all to live in they never sow the seed
Of more neo conservatives the Human World is not in need
Many of them selfish in their ways for want of a better name
They believe that people for being poor have only themselves for to blame

Neo conservatives look up to the wealthy and on the poor look down
And sad to say of their sort many in every town
In their ways and their thinking they seem rather small
Their idea of a fair go does not apply to all.

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Why do you mix your Rhyme with a forever on going hatred of right wing politics over and over and over again... Boring my old rhymer You are waring a bit thin on this topic...Stick to your nature it better suits your style of writing. Oh and I know how to spell Blue....! its just that my name is like the roo in Kanga 'ol mate.