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The Nepal Earthquake

In Nepal in an act of Nature more than five thousand people have died
And thousands are injured and great buildings and many homes destroyed
An earthquake that caused an avalanche of snow on Mt Everest where many climbers their lives lost
Every outburst of anger from Nature to humanity comes at a huge cost
Seven point eight on the Richter scale is a huge earthquake indeed
The poor people of Nepal of International help are in need
The images on t v from Kathmandu make for a sorry sight
Where thousands of people will have to sleep without shelter from the cold of the Himalayan night
When Nature grows angry she leaves death and suffering and heartbreak
And reduces great buildings to rubble with one massive shake
Nepal from the earthquake will not recover for years
And in Nepal tonight there is grieving and suffering and tears
When Nature grows angry she leaves suffering and death and destruction in her wake
And her latest victim is Nepal in a massive earthquake.

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