Am A Slave Of Ma Soul

Wandering, Strolling dragging all day long
I confront the body, where does this soul belong?
Oh! How I reject this slavery of this anonymous women….
To whom I surrendered in fear of being wrong
Every evening when I knock the door to meet ma soul
A Voice comes screeching, , , , “Try again, , me not home

The emptiness creeps in again, , , leaving me alone …
no matter how hard I try.. I still weep and moan

by Laila laila

Comments (9)

nicely made out; thought well put into lines
Sounding very contemporary.. very nicely expressed in beautiful verses! ! Thank you for sharing! ! 10!
For an unknown star! ! ! Thanks for sharing this poem with us.
Stretching the wings with all our might, Soaring away from the nest so warm, With the grace so divine, and his unfailing clasp, - - to fulfill the beautiful............. yes determination to fly and to achieve your goals......... very nice positive thought in poetic language....... thank you dear poetess. tony
part 3...... : : Stretching the wings with all our might, : : And execute your karma wholeheartedly.. : : Soaring away from the nest so warm: : But leaving the cozy comfort of one's home is the most difficult task.. Beautiful write.. A marvelous 100+++
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