JSN (27/06/65 / Sevenoaks Kent UK)

The Never Ending War

I live in a landscape where deer cavort
So I often stop and pause for thought
And relish within the sweet fresh air
Or the wind and rain, or summers glair

And taking a moment, just for me
I inhale and relish in all that I see
My country borne of struggles long past
At peace just now, but will it last?

For the man is crewel with mal intent
Never taking the time to truly lament
And could rise again on any day
To fight, and kill, and lead us astray

Jaw jaw not war war, a great man once said
But others are so eager to feather their bed
I feel in my bones that the time is quite near
That we'll experience again, our greatest fear

As they bluster with rhetoric and rattle the sabre
Turning the tide, setting neighbour on neighbour
They lie and they cheat and belittle other nations
With bullying taunts and false accusations

With the men in power without service the worst
For greed has given him an unquenchable thirst
To sacrifice others for their personal gain
Then ‘Regime change', is the name of the game!

They have weapons aplenty and hidden reserves
Ready to serve up like a plate of hors d'oeuvres
So they Pepper their targets with ordinance galore
Killing or maiming score upon score

And when it's all over and nobody's won
With thousands dispatched at the point of a gun
The blame game will start, all over again
Prolonging the hardship and enduring pain

Then the next generation will want their revenge
Eager to show that they'll make sure they avenge
So the cycle continues and will ever more
Because the fact of it is, humankind, likes to wage war!

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Comments (3)

Very impressive write, James. You may like to read my poem, Love And Lust. Thank you.
A very intense poem filled with truth, dread and pain regarding the wars this world has gone through. The root cause mostly is greed for power and land, an insatiable desire for more that not only causes death but the final demise of man.
I got lulled in by the he first two verses which are are pleasant and reflective but then war destroys all that. Well contrasted and written.