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The Never Satisfied

A nice home to live in and enough to eat and drink should fulfil anyone's need
But some people with this not happy those obsessed with material greed
With some enough is never enough by demon greed they are possessed
Never happy with a nice wife and healthy children by life they do never feel blessed

Some people they are never happy with them enough is never enough
Not short on any of life's necessities yet they feel they are doing it tough
They want to be more wealthy and famous than anyone else on their street
But those happy with what life brings them with others for success never compete

Of the wealthy and famous celebrities the aspirational masses the praises do sing
In the early years of the twenty first century celebrity worship it is the in thing
But most of the people they worship not happy though in the public eyes well to the fore
There is so much truth in the saying that much can lead to the need for more

A nice home to live in and a nice family but some with this not satisfied
To have more than enough money to live on to their sort is a sense of pride
To be of the wealthy and famous their sort to in life does aspire
And the multi millionaire celebrities they do look up to and admire.

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