MS (26/7/1987 / heliopolis)

The Never Understanding

You see a ray of light
But… you don't know
Why does it always bright?

You hear the sound of voice
But… what you hear from others
Why can't it always be your choice?

You pass time and look into your watch
But… you've never knew
Why is it the only thing that you can't catch?

You love people and to them you crave
But… you've never been able to get
Why haven't you ever ban them from grave?

You touch a rose with your hand
But… it's too hard for you
Why can't you make it forever stand?

At every pleasure you pretend with faith and creed
But… you don't have that strength
Why can't you do it in bad things indeed?

You believe in things that are corporeal
But… look at things around you
Why don't you know what thing is real?

You run away and hide linger to your cruse
But… you have never noticed
Why are you that easy bruise?

You face at life millions of shocks
But… you'd rather to be a prey
Why don't deal with your life crux?

You do vice and keep it cryptic
But… you wear your mask and live
Why do you seek for being such a pathetic?

You fall in dark, you start crying and darning
But… you've never been that wise
Why didn't you think that it could be such a warning?

You suffer and suffer and your heart becomes ebony
But… you were never strong enough to overcome
Why did you let it make your heart so stony?

You sometimes hurt people with words of your tongue
But… you didn't think for a minute
How hurtful could it be and just how strong?

You come here and go there
You think life is so unfair
Only aspects can make you stare
But essence of your fears
You'll never beware
Many of many questions
Go through one's mind
That one is the one who tries to find
Find the reason why
Why people like to be blind
Fear leads to buskin,
And life is getting abandoned
For every question
You can find an answer
But every answer
Needs some explanations
And if you were about to catch the answer
It runs away like a quicksilver
So you start to leave the fight
And for rules of truth you give a strike
You travel in world of vain
And then… it starts the pain
Of having a dump again
And we know it's a sin
Because we run for the roads of stale
That makes truth so pale
Until you are shocked once again
And do return again
Return to world of creed
And start to find the indeed
Although your mind has bleed
You keep on looking
Looking for something
Something congenital
Which is crass mental
And also conjectural
You don't see you are seeking
But feelings within are freaking
Make you go so far
It's dripping
Then you flick the dust over your head
And deeply think of what was said
You pick up your mental weapon and stand
Get ready for the journey
A journey to the blade
Where you are in the middle of real and fake
As the way you are within
You'll do choose
Whether you win or loose
But... be ready to face the bruise
Because the world you are going to
Is not that simple
At seconds it can be crumbled
Because you are dealing with the unknown
As strong as possible
You need to be shown
And make sure that you are not going to be alone
Because when spirit, heart and mind get together
You can fight better
And get through
Through the world of unknown
Get over the blinding
And make the world of your own
Through the never understanding

Mousheera shafik

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Pretty good but I think it's uneven... I mostly loved about the first half of the first part, the poem is engaging and deep from the beginning, but then it gets so long, i admit i got a bit lost, although very good lines kept coming up here and there... maybe you should consider shortenind the second half, you can make your point with fewer lines. again, but the beginning really touched me, i found it brilliant.