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The New Dents
JP (Scratches on the page, making noise. / New York City)

The New Dents

Got this car today.
Back out of the driveway.
School bus hit red light trim.
OK, on my way.
Turn the corner, rattle rim.
Curb moved, that seemed slim.
Down the road, on my way.
Slam a truck full of hay.
My fault, put it in drive.
Meteor feel from the sky.
There must be a jinx.
Crash, a yellow kitchen sink.
Car seems coming my way.
Head-on, it's only mid day.
Noise, clatter, shaking, and limbs.
Through the window, green leaf inner trim.
Now this is not my day.
Buy the roadside, on knees and pray.

2/11/2010 POEWHIT


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