Don't Cry A River Of Tears

D-on't cry a river of tears,
O-n twenty-second December;
N-ever think about heartache,
A-s you rise up from slumber.
L-et Wednesday pain pass,
Y-our life must feel the mirth;
N-either fret nor sorrow shall spoil the day of your birth.

R-aindrop on Thursday morn
I-s nowhere to be found;
V-ile weather has vanished,
E-vening chill is turned around.
R-emember not the past, for yesterday disappears;
A-llow your eyes to twinkle, don't cry a river of tears.

by Bernard F. Asuncion

Comments (4)

Nice poem about the loyal dog. Thank you Linda Pastan for this poem.
Somehow brings the fun of the dog into significance.
thank you this poem i to love dogs, and this was a great one
I love dogs. They are simply wonderful. Thanks for the poem, Linda. Peace.