The New Me

The new me is less dependent
And has a new way of livin
She doesn’t expect too much
In fact she doesn’t get her hopes up
She doesn’t trust
And she’ll rarely say “LOVE”
She leaves the past in the dust
And does not bring them to terms
The new me had so many lessons learned
The new me doesn’t care what people think
The new me will not allow anyone to make her confidence shrink
The new me will stand high and tall
Even when I want so badly to jus fall
Because the new me knows that no one will catch her
So she stands tall though that’s not what she would prefer
The new me won’t express what’s on her mind
She won’t even try to dig deep inside
The new me will no longer try
The new me jus wont care at all
Why should I when everyone allows me fall?
Why should I when no one really cared before
No one ever really knew me
All they knew was who they expected and wanted me to be
And when I say nothing was wrong and they knew I was lying
No one took the time or even cared to see
Knowing that I really did want to talk about it
Knowing I needed to feel like some one was there
You hung up so carelessly
And I knew you didn’t care
No I love you
No nothing
And that’s when it hit me
That I needed to change
So say hi and get used to

by Shilesha Johnson

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