So Timeless Yet Fleeting (These Events)

People who professionally,
With their best quotes,
Done to emote the solicting...
Of guaranteed votes.
Do it...
Just for the win!

Like heard commitment to vows,
With a few tears to shed...
Photographed and allowed.
Among those invited,
To witness...
This submission to devotion.
Emotionally admitted.

'I now pronounce for all to...'

And not too after,
The pomp and circumstance...
Passes to fade.
Cracks in cement...
Sworn to keep strong intentions
Begin to diminish,
Promises mentioned...
Until abruptly,
And, with a suddenness.
A honeymoon ends,
In abandonment!
Since the aims of the campaign,
Had been accomplished.
With a getting of 'that' win.
Witnessed and granted,
Before a crowd applauding.
Cheering to approve.

Promised to keep me,
In your heart forever loved.'

-I'm sorry.
Forgive me.
So timeless yet fleeting.
These events.
Your name? ...again, is?
Don't stand their stunned.
And looking shocked.
Give me a hint.
Or a clue.
Something remembered,
I apparently forgot.
You got good hair.
Your name isn't, Becky?
Is it?
Comeon. Lighten up.
I'm joking.-

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

Comments (14)

Thank you for this impeccable poem!
Very beautiful and skilful.
.......very nice loved every description of each moon....
A beautiful poem with such flow of beautiful words about moon.
The moon really brought into a full scope
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