My Heart 3

I kept my heart open & available & you stole it....
but I kinda gave it to you in a way...I guess.
I told you that you could rent it for awhile & that if you
wanted to own it then you would have to give me yours
for fair trade...
I kept yours cuddled up in my arms because it's fragile
like glass & I didn't want to break it.
But as I now can tell, you stroll my heart around and now
it's broken & you want to return it...
I don't take refunds or trade-ins because I don't except
the fact that you don't care.
Now I'm stuck here with a ripped apart heart with no
cure in the world...what am I to do?
Now you want me back, so you try to take my withered
heart but it's afraid of you....
It wants to run away from your death lock because you've
tortured and abused it for way to long...
But of course now you want it's forgiveness and you want
it to except your low-down apology.....
No more pain shall you ever put me through...
So now my heart says good-bye (for now)


by Jade's Pain

Comments (14)

Thank you for this impeccable poem!
Very beautiful and skilful.
.......very nice loved every description of each moon....
A beautiful poem with such flow of beautiful words about moon.
The moon really brought into a full scope
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