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The New Multicultural Millstreet

The Millstreet i was born and raised in and where i lived when my hair was dark brown
In the early years of the twenty first century has become a new Multicultural Town
Which does make it seem to be more interesting it used to be a monocultural place
Difference brings with it variety and comes with the arrival of every new race
A new Multicultural Millstreet i never thought that i would live to see the day
That it would become a place of many races new arrivals from Lands far away
They bring with them their food and their music and this in itself a good thing
Though the praises of multiculturalism is something of which everyone does not sing
The new Multicultural Millstreet is now part of the big World out there
Thanks to the food and the culture of those who arrived from elsewhere
The changes there all for the better it is something that Millstreet does need
Where different races live in harmony with each other makes multiculturalism seem worthwhile indeed
So let us drink a toast to the new Millstreet and it's praises allow me to sing
It has joined the Multicultural World and that in itself a good thing.

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