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The New Neighborhood Co-Written By Rusty Daily And Mary Nagy

What leads us
to those from
opposite sides of the world
and places them
front and center
in our lives?

a world where friends are chosen
by keyboard characters
designing a persona.
Personalities are on display.
Pick and choose.
It's like having a pretend friend
to fill those spots
of loneliness.

Are Internet friends
taking the place
of those long lost
imaginary friends
we were told to say goodbye to
years ago?

Do we grasp at kind,
caring words
in a virtual world?
What is lacking in ours
that makes us nurture that thread
that binds us together
strengthening it with confessions
and secrets bravely told
behind the Internet veil.
What do we fear we will lose
if that thread breaks?
A friend?
A possible soulmate?
Do we fear the door
to friendship will disappear
and never be opened again?

The technological world
has opened up
and given birth
to make these friends real.
It's the new neighborhood,
free of ethnicity,
class and six square blocks
of territorial safety.

Through lines of high speed connections
you are able to rub elbows,
hearts and souls with people
of all walks of life.
You can have coffee
with your friend in Africa
without leaving your home in America.

And the best part.....
there is no dress code
in fact...clothes are optional!

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Comments (9)

Excellent write, you two. As everyone knows, I've long been a fan of both of you - your work is always exceptional and this is, too. You've captured exactly how it is with the technological 'neighborhoods' of today... Much love and respect, CJ
I liked this - I've been pondering the same themes since posting my poetry - and if we're not 'true friends', nevertheless there is a community, encouraging others, finding acceptance that makes the life more bright.
Really nice! I missed it, Gina just told me to read it. I want to know more about how you wrote it together. Did you tell about that on the Forum? Wonderful collab! So mellow and true. Covers all the bases.
Brilliant write, well done both of you. Lovely read. Love Ernestine XXX
This sums up my experience of this site - it's wonderful here! ! ! I particularly like sections 4 and 5, and the finish has left me smiling. One thing, though: section 4: 'What is lacking...? ' I admit that there are lots of 'holes' in my life, but I'm certain that this doesn't apply to everyone on this site. I still like this write though (of course!) . Kind regards to both of you, Gina.
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