The New `our Times' (For Mix Fénéon)

Poem By Adrian Henri


At 3 p.m. yesterday, a Mr Adolphus Edwards, a Jamaican immigrant, was pecked to death by a large Bronze Eagle in Upper Parliament St. A U.S. State Dept. spokesman said later, `We have no comment to make as of this time.'


Police­Constable George Williams, who was partially blinded by a 15 lb. jelly baby thrown at a passing pop singer, is to be retired on half­pension.


Bearded Liverpool couple put out of misery in night by drip oil heater, court told.


A certain Mrs Elspeth Clout, of Huyton, was killed by an unidentified falling object. It was thought to be a particularly hard stool evacuated from the toilet of a passing aeroplane.


2 chip­shop proprietors were today accused of selling human ears fried in batter. One of them said `We believe there is room for innovation in the trade:


Fatality in Kardomah bomb outrage: Waitress buried Alive under two thousand Danish pastries.
*(a free 1960s Liverpool version of Fénéon's great `Our Times'.)


At the inquest on Paul McCartney, aged 21, described as a popular singer and guitarist, P.C. Smith said, in evidence, that he saw one of the accused, Miss Jones, standing waving bloodstained hands shouting `I got a bit of his liver.'

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