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The New Poetasters

That they win the big poetry prizes of them cannot be denied
The modern poets of the twenty first century amongst highbrows are famed far and wide
But bush poets and rhymers on the outer since the literary critics them do ignore
And in literature what used to be popular is not popular anymore
In literature as in most things the changes keep happening and what used to be no longer so
Bush poets and rhymers out of fashion they were popular a long time ago
The great women and men poets of the early twentieth century the most of them wordsmiths of rhyme
Nowadays seem to be out of fashion suppose everything has it's time
The literary professors of universities tell us who is or is not a poet
They tell us who ought to be ignored and those worthy of literary note
Of writers they think unworthy of criticism they never do leave us in doubt
And to them those who like bush poets and rhymers of poetry know nothing about
They win the big poetry prizes of the twenty first century the non rhyming poets of today
And rhymers now the new poetasters this is how it does seem anyway.

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