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The New Rural Poor

There is a new breed of poor in Victoria
They live near Melbourne in the rural towns
They move from suburbia for the cheaper housing
But still for the poor than ups there's far more downs.

In country towns the poor are getting poorer
So many are dependant on welfare
There are no jobs, the cost of living rising
And the Government as usual doesn't care.

In country towns the housing may be cheaper
And they may save a few dollars on the rent
But if you are poor you feel this need to gamble
And the slot machine will take your final cent.

For one exploiter to reach his first million
Perhaps two hundred have to grow more poor
And the Government they use their usual cop out
For social ills we do not have a cure.

Society only view you as a loser
If you are unemployed or lowly paid
You must have a substantial weekly income
For to be seen as one who make the grade.

The politicians only see them as an economic burden
Though they beg them for their votes on voting day
But when elected into high paid office
From poorer parts the M.P. keep away.

They move to country towns for cheaper housing
And they are known as the new rural poor
And the Government give them a survival pittance
But for social ills they do not have a cure.

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