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The New Wonthaggi

Where once many coal-miners were to be found
Nowadays in Wonthaggi men do not work under ground
The last of the miners are now getting old
And their stories do surely deserve to be told.

It has been close to forty years since the coal-mine was shut down
But Wonthaggi has become a prosperous Town
Nowadays it is seen as a touristy place
Where the holiday maker's is a welcome face.

I recall an old timer to me did say
When the mine was closed the Town went into decay
But nowadays business is booming which seems a surprise
And the reputation of Wonthaggi it is on the rise.

Of the new Wonthaggi it would be fair to say
It seems to be growing more prosperous by the day
A Town that's renowned for it's coal mining past
Though nothing in life ever does seem to last.

The old ways of life may be buried and dead
But in the new Wonthaggi business is going ahead
An old Town six kilometres from the ocean shore
More prosperous than it has ever been before.

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