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The New World

Cheer up things soon will be much brighter, the skies above move blue.
You'll find the ones who love you and you'll find you love then, too.
Then things will run move smoothly, like a peaceful flowing stream.
And you'll have lots of children, lovely as a dream.
For we know the Psalms are no fable,
and they tell us, we shall have children like olive plants round the table.
You and I know why dear, they'll never need to fear
they'll run and play by the silvery stream with nothing harmful near.
They''' play with Lions & Lambs and things and a beautiful turtle dove,
with a lovely new world beneath their feet, and a happy new heavens above.
So if we strive on and with Gods help endure,
the trials from this old world which soon will be no more,
then this world has never seen or heard,
the things God has promised through his word,
for those who seek him and they'll have no sorrow,
only the joys of a glad tomorrow.
This is no pipe dream out of the blue,
Gods word told them, Write! these words, are faithful and true.
So lets forget the old world and work for the one thats good,
then our hearts will over flow with thanks, for blessings from Gods love.
The Squirrel As I walked to the shops one day,
I met a squirrel on the way,
He hurried straight across the road,
and up a tree to his abode.
Then back he came, stopped at the curb,
Looked right and left I think he's heard.
Your curb drill lesson, cos' I'm sure,
he was peeping round your classroom door.
This tale is true I'm telling you
and if you'll come and walk with me,
I'll show you the squirrel in the tree.

by Jessie

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