Bedtime Prayer (Children)

Now I lay me
Down in bed.

All my prayers
and night-nights said.

Snuggle bunny, teddy bear,
toasty blankie, all are here.

Out with the light
so dreams will come.

Thank you, God.
Now, where's my thumb?


by C.J. Heck

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This World is for them the rich... they made it sweet and loves... tear of road to hard work..... Anna you must help them....., we fel you are God of god and must save us Both in the sun and rain remains umbrellaless a boy beside the road, works ceaselessly from dawn to dask by breaking into pieces the bricks. In both eyes he entertains a dream desolate of merely three handfuls of meals; the dream certainly not for rich dishes—korma, kabab nor for princely recipe on the table. Still everyday remains he unfed in sun and rain beside the road, he spends his poisonous days- O the happy men, do you think of him once?