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The Newly Elected President

For months he has made the news headlines almost every day
The newly elected President of the U S of A
But some terrible things of Muslims and Mexicans and some men and many women he has been known to say
If i said things in public like Donald J Trump has said about people and other races i am sure i would be locked away

For inciting public hatred and tension i would not be allowed to live free
That the law treats people differently does seem quite sad to me
By his horrible behavior without saying so Donald is making it okay
For American racists and misogynists to treat people in an abhorrent way

He may have become the forty fifth American President but one must also note
That his opponent Hillary Clinton did easily win the popular vote
But the American voting system different to other Countries Worldwide
And Hillary by her Country's Constitution of the top job has been denied

If i said what Donald Trump says i would be serving prison time
For inciting public racial hatred which is a serious crime
Americans with him as their President have taken a dent to their pride
And he is not one who can unite the one who does divide.

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