The News

A man is stabbed in a street
His blood runs ever red
Nobody stops to help him
He’s left there till he’s dead

A boys bullied in a playground
His life is made pure hell
He goes home and ends his life
Another story for the papers to sell.

A land that was so beautiful
Now is war torn with hate
And the people of the land
Just accept it as there fate.

A family mourns for a daughter
While a murderer walks free
Couldn’t get a conviction
On a legal technicality.

There are now guns in the playground
The new toy of this age
Some kids no longer love
There full of hate and rage

And aren’t some of the adults
Just as much to blame
For if they show hate
Won’t there children learn the same.

All the time in the news
Hate is all I see
Another journalist writes it down
Another debate held on TV.

And do all the debates
And all the protests to
Help to change the world
Make it any safer for me and you.

And as I watch the news
I ponder very deep
Is this really a world
In which we can safely sleep.

But lifes to short for worrying
About if and buts and whys
So now I turn the TV off
And now I’ll shut my eyes.

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