The Next Millennium

With comets zooming through the air
And planets fast appearing
The next Millennium will bring
A new world - oh so daring !

A 1000 golden years of hope
Of reaching worlds afar,
When earth-men and the aliens
Will meet beneath the stars.

When all the Cosmos bright will shine
And all beings are united,
Fulfilling destinies of time.
Dreams - no longer unrequited.

For men are seeking all the time
A Utopia for the ' morrow,
When fantasy becomes a fact
And gone is pain and sorrow.

Searching in the Universe
For answers to all life,
Where war and fighting is forgot
And gone is all the strife.

A world of beings, all as one
Joined together all in peace
And conflicts of our lesser selves
Forever more will cease.

A new era of unbroken joy
With blue skies all the way
Where Heaven on earth is in our sights,
The next Millennium's first new day!

by Mollie Earl

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