Your Story

It's a new year,
a time for change.
Write the next chapter,
of your story.
Be who you are,
and say what you feel.
Never regret anything,
your story is continuous and real.
So write a novel...
We all have secrets
hidden deep within us.
The words can be rearranged,
just like the turning of a page.
Where lies become the truth,
and the truth becames a lie.
A notorious and never ending bind,
where desperate actions be confined.
As if the pages of a book,
have been completely realined.
Until the pages,
have become tattered and torn.
That is the moment,
your story has been shattered and worn.

by Katrina Lusk

Comments (5)

Clear and conversational. For me a new poem is much better when done.
Hi Dana, Liked your poem about poem writing. For another take on this subject see my poem Driving Alone Through the Sand Hills of Nebraska. or if you have questions, I tackle some tough ones in So Many Questions.
Rubbish. Thats Gioia making a convenient excuse for his banalities. -LP
Hi Dana, I loved the following: No jumble box of imagery dumped glumly in the reader's lap or elegantly packaged junk the unsuspecting must unwrap. Just so true and so eloquently penned... you speak my thoughts. Thanks Deva
You are interesting, especially with the way youn look at things so close. Nice works.