The Purpose Of Giving (A Song For Christmas)

Think of Christmas without presents,
Think of Christmas without food;
Imagine just another holiday
Without that special, festive mood.

Stop and ask why you are giving
And what you want in return.
Is this the season’s proper purpose?
Should there be only self-concern?

Let the gifts be those of gladness:
Peace and love; an end to pain.
Let your thoughts be filled with sharing
And not obsessed with hopes of gain.

Reasons, just like wrapping paper,
Get torn up and thrown away;
The gifts, absorbed into your empire,
Become forgotten, like the day.

From the chaos find a moment,
Spend some time upon this thought:
True pleasure can only be given,
It’s not something that can be bought.

© Ray Mather 1989

by Ray Mather

Comments (5)

Clear and conversational. For me a new poem is much better when done.
Hi Dana, Liked your poem about poem writing. For another take on this subject see my poem Driving Alone Through the Sand Hills of Nebraska. or if you have questions, I tackle some tough ones in So Many Questions.
Rubbish. Thats Gioia making a convenient excuse for his banalities. -LP
Hi Dana, I loved the following: No jumble box of imagery dumped glumly in the reader's lap or elegantly packaged junk the unsuspecting must unwrap. Just so true and so eloquently penned... you speak my thoughts. Thanks Deva
You are interesting, especially with the way youn look at things so close. Nice works.