The Next Poet’s Exhilarating Dream

I should be back-alley midnight dead
Having seen the last sunset’s vanishing light
Replaced with a gorgeously blood-dripping eternal night
Instead of counting lingering regrets
With lonely and dimming eyes still squinting into the past.
I only wanted to live a limited amount of days
And I’ve pointlessly over-extended my stay…

Had I been a teenage genius
Along the lines of Arthur Rimbaud,
I wouldn’t hesitate to go,

One should create art
And then flee
Like a wild and ruthless bandit
Into the next poet’s exhilarating dream!

by Uriah Hamilton

Comments (7)

'...back-alley midnight dead'? That is a FABULOUS line! Very visual. LOVE it! S
Uriah, this is the best of your poems I have read. Each line rings true and your theme is extremely universal but creative. Good work. Raynette
This is an extremely good poem, very original in substance, with nice imagery and a great ending. Well done!
Wonderful free verse. I have enjoyed this. Thank you for reviewing my poem. Sherry
Well, the last stanza brings a kind of romantic dream home with a lot of impact, and I think it's a dream most of us have had at one time or another. And it's VERY well put.
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