The Nexus Of Realism And Existentialism:

A Rainy Day in Rural China Rain gently falling on oriental meadows, humanity humbly huddled under eerie encapsulating shadows. Faces together, yet, uniquely alone; always absurdly attuned to the abstract, while continually querying the pragmatic. Still, letting both happen; as a matter of fact. Enjoying allusive solace with being and home. Positively, pursuing life's predetermined path, finding unfeigned joy in complex simplicities; a surreal state, devoid of inhumane wrath. Responsibly sharing idyllic exigencies while naturally nurturing one another, like the ubiquitous rainfall sinews the omnipresent rice milieux. Realism and existentialism acutely, yet, covertly commingling; creating a poignant, nevertheless, naive nexus

by Dr. Walter S. Polka

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