CJ (8-11-93 / Galveston)

The Nicest Strangers

A girl who thought negative
She was called a witch
Was told shes worthless & should die
Till the day she met the nicest stranger
The only friend she had the razor
He came in handy when times got rough they said friends heal your pain.
The razor was a great friend indeed
He let her unleash on her wrist
The wrist & razor were more friends then her
Till the day she meet the cigarette & hash [puff dragon]
She had 3 great friends
The understood her
Let her be herself
Her 3 great friends are always tooken away from her
I guess people want her to be that broken doll
Left alone in the dark, nobody be side her
The only friends she had were the nicest strangers.

by Caitlin Johnson

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