The Nick Knack Noo Na Bird

the nick knack noo na bird
really is quite absurd
Builds his nest in rhubarb tree's
grow purple hairs on his knobbly knees
picks up this and picks up that
loads of nick knacks on his back!

Fills his nest with babies bonnets
ice cream cones and old mans wallets!
Purple feathers from his bum
stuck in place with chewing gum

Fly's in circles round and round
pecking people on the ground
pea size wings make a bonging sound.

Nick knack Noo bird
the silliest name you ever heard?
He goes to roost when day is ending
flying backwards upside down
always smiles with a frown.

Fills his nest every day
with the stuff we throw away
bits of string a garden gnome
wires from a mobile phone
laces from an old gym shoe
bits of dry rubbery glue
smelly old bits of cheese
when he sleeps it makes him wheeze!

Bits of wool from the farmers fence
even an old thrupney pence?

The nic knack noo spends all his day
flying backwards upside down
so not to miss things on the ground
spying with his beady eyes
As he motors though the skys!

by Tess Gurney

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You have written some of the funniest poems I have ever read..I'm still laughing...