The Night

Down this dark road i run, and i swear this time im really done. I can't
deal with this stress, being jealous of your girl-friends, and i must

confess, these girls are not just friends, and it makes me sad to say its
the end. It just burns my throat, to think of you and someone else,

poems i forever wrote, of the feelings and hate inside myself. I slow my
run and began to walk, shadows play, to themselves they talk, some

disappear at my sight and some just stay. i feel them watching, and
they see the tears stream, behind me are some stalking, as they follow

me thru this darkened dream. I am aware that they follow, the company
is good, they are dark filled sorrow, and to tell them to leave, i just don't

think i could. i continue my stroll, no clue where i'm going, in me is a
permanent hold, and thru it the wind is blowing. i glance up into the sky,

and above i see the moon, surrounded by shadows that cry, lingering
longer than they should loom. Those shadows are my emotions inside,

ripped to shreds by sun light, can't believe you lied, waiting for the
comfort of the night.

by Audrey O'shea

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