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The Night

Cold cut screams at night,
makes me shiver with fright.
Oh how I wonder, wonder about that sight,
the sight of which those screams came.

Oh how I wonder, wonder how to dream,
just like a seam.
It comes crashing down at dawn,
oh how I wish it would never come.

The silent at night makes my heart pound, pound like nothing else,
just faster, faster every minute, every second.
I grown stronger, stronger,
my eyes widen as the moon grows.

My heart pounds faster, faster as I run towards the moon,
running faster and faster till I’m on all fours.
Heart pounding, teeth growing, I’m growling, more viscous then ever before.

Running till dawn, I grow tired and weak,
I lie down on my bed and rests my head on my pillow and drift to sleep.
As I run, play, and hunt in the moon,
I’ll sleep till noon.

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Very beautiful piece, the sweet truth about dreams and night.