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The Night Became Ours

You enter my thoughts with a force of a gun
A vision of you has me competely undone
Tingling sensations that burn throughout
Starting a fire that blazes about
Messages sending from head to toe
Making me breath harder until I let go
I close my eyes and let the fantasies begin
Hoping to savor every moment from beginning to end
Lying there naked I feel your hands caress
Biting my lip hard as I begin to obsess
Hunger starts building with growing need
Thoughts spinning out of control with increasing speed
Burning with want, every thought screams your name
Shaking with passion my skin burns aflamed
A vixen unleashed I cannot contain
Wild and passionate I am unhabited and untamed
Your lips possess me until you dominate me to submit
Without a fight I easily give in
Unable to take it, I engage you into me
Unable to maintain, I await to be free

Two bright souls swimming in space
Wrapping around eachother in desire's embrace
Eyes find eachother thru a emotional haze
Engaging in a kiss we are completely amazed
Exploding in ectasy you wash over me in waves
Crashing, overlapping, you push me to the shore
Just when I am taken away, you have me begging for more
As you lay me down on a crystal sand floor.
I feel your affections and what it is to be adored
Wave after wave, lost in a euphoric state
Feeling the intensity as each wave breaks
Warm beauty spills as the intensity is faded
The world spins around and the excitement is jaded
Bathing in the starlit moon light
Engulfed in warmth in sated delight
As falling embers softly ignite, It could not make me warmer nor more pleased than tonight
Glowing plankton swims in fire fly lights,
Pushing us further to to reach unreachable heights
As the last waves crashes, it shoots us to the stars
Exploding in magical wonder this night became ours

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wow that is awesome!