VG (24/01/1979 / Epsom, East Surrey)

The Night Bringeth The Velvetine

The night bringeth the velvetine skies
As I lay her body upon this satin cloth
Passion caresses my heart with her eyes

A taste of salt in her kiss
And the curves my hands define
Mine eyes are closed as I absorb her bliss

The forest enwraps the darkness with her thighs
Herself upon me as my soul starts to burn
Beneath the silver plate moon witness to our cries

Our rythmic hearts and the trees sway
From within her body this music resides
Thoust Love made til the breaking day

A map is drawn of the stars of night
Upon her back wherest the glistening sweat
When her hands caress and teeth doth bite

When love is succeeded inside her frame
Encapsulated love her servant I have become
Quickened to a new sense our motions the same

Our passions end within her arms I fall
Embrace under eyes of notcurnal watchers
Wherein I await for her unbinding call

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