The world was created for us so,
Why waste your talents? !
And 352 years after the flood,
Abraham was born;
But you and i are alive today to continue creation,
For i am Adjetey from Ghana.

If you drink don't drive and,
If you drive don't drink!
For the outcome is noe what you want me to say;
But, you should have known better!
Life is how you make it and,
The teachings of life will not stop from you.

by Edward Kofi Louis

Comments (2)

You do something special with rhyme in this poem, because the words that rhyme are not only linked by common sound but also by cumulative meaning. I'm thinking of the last with NIGHT - RIGHT - LIGHT. The progression of meaning positive: In the night you share with your loved one, you will be guided onto the right path with leads to their shining light. That's beautiful. And this is already announced in your great title THE NIGHT GLORIOUS NIGHT - That's unabashed eloquence. The fears you mention, the cold, the negative emotions like remorse and spite - all of these evils are dispelled by the enveloping goodness of the night, your loved one and the their double source of LIGHT. This a bright new poem for 2015!
Excellent! ! ! Words that soar, Stay in the heart, Forevermore.