The Night He Said 'I Love You'

Poem By CeCe Lamberts

The night he said 'I love you'
I was just going through a hard usual day
I had been to work,
I had cooked twice,
I had done the laundry,
I had taken the kids to their activities,
I had helped them with their studies,
I had put them to bed,
I had done all the chores,
I had argued with the ex,
I had a full day...

He wrote to me in a message:
Out of the blue
When I least expected it
I thought I was gonna faint
I thought life was playing its usual tricks on me
This wasn't what it looked like
He didn't really mean it
It was right there on the screen
But I couldn't believe it
I was sure he was sending it to someone else
Or he was too drunk
Or he was too stoned
Telling me he loves me
It can't be

I filled up a glass of gin
And I lit up a cigarette
Had to numb myself for this
Couldn't stand the feeling
It was overwhelming
This moment lived in my dreams with him
He lived in my dreams with his 'I LOVE YOU'
It wasn't real
I couldn't handle it

Replied, trying to contain myself
And to not overreact
Felt proud and glowing on the inside
But made myself act cool and casual
Just wrote a simple 'I love you MORE.'
I wanted to write: 'Come again? I didn't hear you'
'It's too noisy here, can you repeat that please? '
'I'm sorry, say it one more time, I didn't get it'
So he keeps writing it back to me
To make sure it's real.

I could have said so much more,
Like, my life is never gonna be the same
I admire you, I adore you, I worship you,
You're one of the most special things in my life
You're life itself for me
You give me a reason to live
Are you sure it's me you love?
Are you sure?

I know it's not the same kind of love I feel for him
I know it's a friend's love
I know I'm in love, and he simply loves,
'cause he's in love with someone else,
but this still feels wonderful.

It's 3 am and it's totally dark outside
but it feels like the sun is shining
I could see a rainbow of happiness out there
Nature is having a party for me
To celebrate this unique occasion
That my soul has been in pain for such a long time
And your 3 words have helped this pain so fast.
Please tell me more words of love
And I'll write a poem for every word you tell me.
I promise.
I Love You

Comments about The Night He Said 'I Love You'

I really like this poem Cece. Very well written and I can relate to it absolutely. Well done! HBH
Nice poem...! Really good!
I am so happy for you i hope he ment it casue i know how some guys say it and don't really mean it
Really beautiful imagination textured in a style genial with control over emotion touching the heart, that emphasieses the clarity of thougt of ingenuity in total acceptance eclectic, i do appreciate, well penned
There are many ways to say 'I love you' I hope you here them all. Many times each day. Best wishes. I enjoyed the poem.

2,5 out of 5
11 total ratings

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