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The Night I Was Straightforward
PN (Oct 1983 / Canada)

The Night I Was Straightforward

Poem By Punk Nona

that is what you lack being.
His sound advice. Alas,
I need direction.
I need a little light in the dark
It scares me.
I cannot allow the map
of my insides
be fully laid out
right in front of you.
Can you not see how I down cast my eyes
When you give me a sweet hint
of what I'm not sure is there?
What am I to do, love-
say it? How could I ever
expose myself so completely
raw. Will you allow my vulnerability?
May I cross that pass
without judgment?

I ask too many questions. Deep down
my heart indeed pumps
the answers. My indirectness
has caused too many missed opportunities.
So I will take quick advantage
of this jumble of written word
and speak so softly here those words
I dare not utter....

I love you.

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