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The Night Is Calm And Frosty

The night is calm and frosty I hear the lapwing cry
Above the darkened paddock beneath the starry sky
Just five sleeps till September and the calendar Spring
The time of year upon us when wild birds nest and sing.

The night is calm and frosty and in the neighbourhood dogs bark
And boobook owl is calling on the gum trees in the park
And on the roadway to the town the cars buzz to and fro
And the more I learn of Nature the less I know I know.

The night is calm and frosty and in the dim moonlight
For the favours of a female tom cats in backyard fight
They bite and claw and snarl and disturb the peace and quiet
And the winner father kittens one might say he's won that right

The night is calm and frosty though the days of Spring are near
And in the park off of the street the lapwing's voice I hear
As he flies above his borders proclaiming his territory
And Nature's many secrets will never be known to me.

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