The Night Is Suffering

The night is suffering
Seeing me suffer
It suffers with me too
And I
I with it suffer too

by Emmanuel George Cefai

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There is no imagery or figurative language in this poem, but there doesn't need to be any. This poem is focused on the NIGHT REALM which (to use an American idiom) is your stamping ground. It's that imaginative place your poems have colonized and made uniquely yours. The intimacy between you and the night is such that art is not required to open the door for your to enter. You only have to think THE NIGHT and it surrounds you, envelops you. Or to change the dynamic: You have only to think THE NIGHT and it is there within you. Of course, that leads us to this poem. The consequence of your intimacy with THE NIGHT REALM is that you feel its being and it feels yours, and in this poem it is the aspect of suffering which is paramount.