DL (2/3/87 / Middlesbrough)

My Enchanting Soulmate

I know you're there when all is quiet,
I can hear your breathing in my ear.
I feel you watching me, if only from a distance.

My mind, whispers words that reach you,
carried by my spirit to yours.
I have no fears, I know you're there
to catch me if I fall.

My days have been empty and oh, so quiet.
My heart still beating to the
sound of your name.
Waiting the day you return, your
demons gone and slain.

My nights, have been restless,
But still no demons dare tread.

My body still drinking in every word,
as the breeze carries your mind whispers to me.
Caressing my soul and kissing my thoughts
with their sweetness.

Closing my eyes, leaning back;
feeling your spirit enfold me.
Still happy, still content, and still safe

The wind blowing a kiss to you and
before it's too late
my mind whispers...
'Goodnight, my enchanting soulmate.'

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