IOI (7/4/1934 / Hebburn.Co Durham U.K)

The Night The Rains Came!

The sky is dark and overcast.
The rain pours down relentlessly.
You would not think that it could last
but it continues ceaselessly

The sodden ground can hold no more.
The rivers lack capacity
and do as they have done before
The overrun their boundaries

The city streets are now waist deep
There is no halt to the down pour
The rising water slowly creep
to places they’ve not reached before.

The people flee before the flood,
seeking shelter and safety
They help each other as they should
and in the main successfully

The good news is few lives were lost.
The only one a brave P.C.
His wife and family bear the cost
although he died heroically.

It seems that nature was intent
on showing power she could wield
It was a tragic accident
The cold grey morning light revealed.

A scene of devastation.
Bridges torn down and washed away.
A natural phenomenon
or so the weather experts say/

Once in a thousand years or so.
This is no consolation
What the people want to know.
Will they get compensation?

Insurance companies have refused
cover against the risk of flood
Until the risk has been reduced.
If they will not then some one should.

For damage to their property
and prized possessions washed away.
Their only hope the powers that be
will compensate without delay.

Their ordeal isn’t over yet
more heavy rain is on the way
This is a night they won’t forget
but live in fear of a replay.

Their lives will never be the same.
A total impossibility.
The night the heavy rainfall came
deep etched into their memory.

Although the damage is repaired
Their peace of mind can never be.
They will recall how they despaired
when rain poured down relentlessly.

And there was nothing they could do.
But flee before the angry flood.
Which seemed determined to pursue
and do what damage that it could.

As if it fully understood
this was its only chance to show.
Nature in destructive mood
for a thousand years or so.

Saturday,21 November 2009
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