VA (september 27,1988 / philippines)

The Nightingale

Every night beneath the moon
The melodic voice of a singing bird whisper in my ears
Accompanying of melodic tone and the sweet soft music of the swaying of the leaves
It seems like a sweet voice of an angel in the skies
That clings in my heart
And gives color to the mourning night
The fierce sound of the insects makes me alive
And the marching sounds of the rain
Eases the pain in my nightmares
The nightingale of the forest carries me by his lofty wings
To explore the nightfall of the middle earth
And to see the beauty of the darkness
The brightly lit evening
Serves as guide to my journey
In the world of mysteries
And the nymph of the stream land
Save me from the quagmire of evils
And she brings me out from the valley of the shadows of death.

by Vicente Añonuevo

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nice images, good job.