*** You ***

i feel part of me is missing,
like a chunk out of my life,
maybe it's where you,
mutilated my heart with a carving knife,
like a wild dog,
set free to roam,
tourched my soul,
and left me on my own,
people say,
i will forgive you in time,
but they are wrong,
your no mother of mine,
coz you walked out of my life,
like i didnt mean a thing,
never thought about,
the saddness that you would bring,
i loved you,
you meant so much to me,
but all you have brought me,
is misery,
i dont want you to call,
i dont want you to text,
because you ruined me,
more than i could expect,
you hate me though,
because i knew,
but thats a shame isn't it,
coz this is all down to you!

by Emma Jane Rae

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