The Nightmare-06

you're name is brianne enciso
and your favorite thing to do is sing
you're at a bar-b-q with your friends
alyssa, juan, mark, rudy, and cassie
you're drinking whine coolers and beer
smoking a cigarett, and playing MCR
suddenly alyssa changes the music
you ask her what shes putting on
she replies joyfully 'Kumbia Kings! '
'turn it up and put it on number 1! ' juan says
you all start dancing to ' Mi Dulce Nino'
you're doing the walk when everything goes black
'Hey! ' 'what the hell! ? ! ' 'the power went out! '
'we just went to pay the electricity bill today! '
then getting hit on the head you collapse to the ground
you wake up with a hang over and a knot on your head
'Hey guys what the hell happened? '
but no one answers
'Hello! ? ! Guys! ? ! Where are yall? '
you start walikng around but stop
you scream and start running
you've just seen what appeared to be...
(to be continued...)

by Selena Star

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