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The Nightmare

I can feel
My eyes shake
Thank the Lord
I'm awake!

Oh, how I love to wake!
This bed of ours is warm
Sun holds onto my flesh
As do his arms

As though a babe
His face is pressed
As though a pillow
Atop my breast

And through our blood
Peace runs through
Bursting out
Into our room

From my shoulders
This fabric silken
Drips down to kiss
The floor spread linen

From the window
I stare in awe
Paradise below
Heaven beyond

Green roll such hills
Blue beams the sky
Wind blowing gently
Willows held high

The waterfall cascades
Stream flowing swiftly
Grasses sway
Crickets singing

I turn to see my favorite view
Hear my favorite song
The man I love sleeping soundly
His breath - deep and long

Oh the joy I have!
Simply found in his
There is none love found
Greater than this

When he wakes
To see his eyes
Peering back
Into mine

Smiles spread
The day is born
I'm alive with
Whom I adore

He gives gladiolus
I give my hand
We shake the halls
Whilst we dance

Fly open the doors
The air does kiss
As to intrude
Our pressing lips

Melody sings
From finger and wire
I hum harmony
An octave higher

He takes the pen
I take the pencils
We fill the pages
Of our journals

From the pages
Watch them rise
Superheroes dash
Lovers fly

Adventures implode
Prepared for a screen
Perhaps a novel?
A song to sing?

To the retreat
Of leather chaises
Mahogany shelves
Of albums and pages

He sips his liquor
I nurse my wine
As we laugh
Over our dine

Every chat
That slips our tongue
Of love, of venture
When we were young

Of faith, of stars
Of passion, of mystery
Of hopes and dreams
Of plans and philosophy

I escort him
To the door
As I have
Every night before

In his perfection
A kiss goodnight
To our bed
He goes to lie

From the door
Be in soon I say
I whisper goodbye
Just in case

When comes then
The setting sun
My heart sinks
Darkness comes

My eyes grow heavy
My body falls weak
I fall slowly
To my knees

Here they are
As every time
I even dare
To close my eyes

Word and spit
Sharp as a knife
From ear to gut
To take my life

Fists fly past
The side of my head
Taking out
The wall instead

Bottles litter
Floor and counter
Closet, sofa
Car, and shower

Green bottles, brown bottles
Little orange ones too
Purple liquid, clear liquid
Pills of blue

White pills, yellow pills
Large and small
Evil white powder
Ordered by ball

Girls and more girls
When they're bored with me
It's business too
Sex makes good money

As fast as you can
Run girl run!
We're big boys now
No toy guns!

Can you run faster
Than a flying bullet?
Make me mad
And we'll have to try it

You already know
What we're capable of
You've seen already
We're not scared of blood

Your body is nothing
Doesn't belong to you
I guess I should listen
That's what daddy said too

Youre just an object
That's what they say
Before they take
What's mine away

(Nothing I say
Nothing I've done
Has ever been
Good enough)

They take my heart
They take my pride
And cast me demons
They feed my life

I ask for help!
They turn their eyes
It's easy to pretend
That one is blind

Here they stand
As every night
Taunting me
Telling me lies

Little girl, little girl
Would you just die?
There's no one, no one
Who would cry

Oh but the ones
Who tried to save
What left of me
(Along the way)
Somehow landed
Inside their graves

I scream GOD!
See my face!
I am your child!
One of faith!

I beg of you
Would you please take
Me out and far
From this place? !

From these people? !
From this fate? !
This pain, this hell? !
To heavens gates? !

Of all men
There are three
Of whom I love
Whom I need

One is your Son
One is my brother
The third my Lord
Is my lover

And of them
One is left with me
(I know I have two

With him I feel safe
I trust in him
Am I still yet flesh?
Made from rib? !

It's hard to believe
After all these years
He may still love me
Through my wear

Then I feel
My eyes shake
Thank the Lord
I'm awake

Not everything
Is as it seems
When your awake
Inside your dreams.

by Emily Wood

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