The Nightmare 2 (The Graveyard) -06

Creepy shadows walking about
you hear moans from your worst nightmares
you wonder ' where am i? '
'and where are my friends? '
a voice from behind says
'they are gone, and you are alone'
you turn around to see who it is
but no ones there
you scream 'show yourself! '
but the only thing you hear
is the wind blowing through the trees
you start to cry and tell yourself
'no! they cant be gone!
they wouldnt leave me!
no matter what happens! '
the voice talks again
'oh, but they did leave you! ''
it starts to scream at you
'are you stupid or what! ? !
they left you and
they're not coming back! '
you scream back with tears in your throat
'how do you know what im thinking! ? ! '
'i know all! dont you see brianne?
i am the one who follows you!
the one who you are scared of! '
'no! you're lying
because im not scared of anything! '
then all of a sudden
you hear your best friend alyssa
screaming for you
like if someones chasing her
(to be continued)

by Selena Star

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