VA (september 27,1988 / philippines)

The Nightmares Of Tragedy

The nightfall of the newborn light
It gives a new life as well as a new journey
But, unfortunately the grim reaper of the nightmares
Deprived the existence of something

The reverberate of the squalor
Scourges the beauty of life of the mother earth
Causes the banishing of life of the human kind
The beauty of the bosom of the nature

Wrecked by the monster of the storm land
And the beauty of land destroyed by the beast of the stream land
The nightmare of tragedy imbued in the heart of the people
And the remnants of the vehement monster was inculcated
In the minds of them
It was difficult to ease the pain of the nightmares of tragedy
That’s why, I beseech to the God of justice, to the God of life,
To the God of love, to the God of nightmare, to the God of nothing
As well as to the God of something
That may bestow us a life without end....

by Vicente Añonuevo

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